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“A brand is a story that is always being told.”
– Scott Bedbury

At the heart of our existence lies our passion to collaborate with clients – to not just build brands, but also nurture them. We work with brands to make them our focal point, because we understand the true value of a brand. As part of our holistic approach, we work as each client’s ‘in-house’ communications team, and are invested deeply in their successes. Therefore, we Build Nurture and Grow! And, that we believe is the stuff trusted brands are made of!

Brand Development: For new brands or established ones alike, we ensure we develop and strengthen them. We also collaborate with the client to move one step closer towards creating a brand identity by brainstorming for names that best describe the brand.

Logo Creation & Identity Design: A logo reflects the identity of the brand. And, we strategise and collaborate closely with the client to develop a design that best reflects this brand essence.

Building Brand Guidelines: Consistency is the key word, for every brand to be a success. This we achieve by building a set of unwavering brand guidelines that control the usage of logo, colour, font, typography, imagery and style.


A strong brand is built on the solid foundation of a long-term plan, aided by thorough research and planning. Long before we come up with branding solutions and identities, we study the clients’ brands to gain an insight into their vision. We create strategy for what needs to be communicated and how it needs to be communicated. In order to align with the brand’s objectives,

Create Content: Key messages are intrinsic to narrating an effective brand story. We develop content that is easy to communicate and resonates for a long time to come.

Communicate: Media such as videos, photographs, copy and content (text), graphics and typography and much more are the pillars of all our brand communication.

Market or Promote: But what use is all this material if not promoted through the correct channels? We help clients get onto the right platforms from where then can ‘beat their own drum’ and announce the virtues of their brands.

Content Creation

Content is the reason that makes consumers trust brands. We strengthen brands by creating valuable and reliable content and then managing it for them. Through our vibrant tapestry of content, we weave stories that are stimulating and exciting.

Copy: We write, edit and proofread copy for websites, brochures and the digital media and thereby build brand awareness

Brand and Corporate Films: Vivid imagery, content and videos seamlessly stitched together, evolve into High Definition audio-visual platforms that narrate captivating brand stories. And, from our experience, if a story is worth telling, people will stand and watch – captivated!

Digital: Social Media, Websites & Mobile Apps

At Freemindworks we help our clients look their best – well, at least digitally! We help them engage their customers with the right content at the right time.
We create results-driven digital campaigns for our clients across various social media platforms and support the same with appropriate web analytics.
Our custom websites are responsive and mobile-friendly and showcase our expertise in creating captivating design that is not just aesthetic and chic, but also business-friendly.
We also work closely with our clients to custom design mobile applications and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems that contribute to elevating user experience and taking it a notch higher.
We aim to provide the best digital experience that engages the end user across a host of devices.

Graphics & Art Direction

At Freemindworks, we bring brand stories to life, one pixel at a time. Our in-depth knowledge and expertise in the Visual Arts allows us to graphically bring to life concepts and ideas across multiple digital platforms and evoke myriad emotions.

Illustrations, Photography, Typography, Page Layouts, Brand Merchandise and so much more – we do it all, to draw some attention to your brand!

Print & Promotions

One of the easiest ways to reach out to a target audience is through the Print medium. We create print-worthy designs and stories for the brands we work with, and help them reach out to a wide spectrum of audiences. Our goal is to create strong, clear and visual messaging that the end user is compelled to take notice of. For us, the print medium is much more beyond just paper – we create promotional materials that ‘speak volumes in the least amount of space’.

Print: Newspaper Advertisements, Magazine Layouts, Flyers and Handouts, Brochures, Invites, Corporate and Personal Stationery.

Promotional Material: Environmental Graphic Signages, Way-finding Signages, Hoardings and Billboards.

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.
-Steve Jobs

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